This is a general overview for the services that we provide and a general pricing guideline. Keep in mind, that we are extremely flexible, and this is only only meant to help give our potential customers an idea of what we do and how much we cost. Here’s a breakdown:

Service Type Home Area Details Price Range
Pressure-Washing Home Exterior One-Story $200 – $300
Pressure-Washing Home Exterior Two-Story $400 – $600
Pressure-Washing Patio Cement $50 – $100
Pressure-Washing Driveway Cement $50-$100
Pressure-Washing Fence Aluminum/Vinyl $50 – $100
Restoration Deck Wood $300 – $600
Restoration Fence Wood $200 – $800
Painting Home Exterior One-Story $800 – $2000
Painting Home Exterior Two-Story $1600 – $4000
Painting Fence Wood/Vinyl $200 – $400
Non-Pressure Washing Windows One-Story $50 – $200
Non-Pressure Washing Gutters One-Story $200 – $400
Non-Pressure Washing Gutters Two-Story $100 – $200
Non-Pressure Washing Windows Two-Story $100 – $400
Annual Maintenance Deck Wood $100 – $300
Trimming Trees N/A $20 – $100
Trimming Bushes & Hedges N/A $20 – $40
Light Repair Deck Wood $100 – $200
Light Repair Fence Wood $100 – $200

Note: These are just general guidelines that include material costs and labor. Upon your request, we will come conduct a detailed analysis of your project and find a specific and detailed estimate of project costs and completion times for FREE and we GUARANTEE high-quality results and professional service. We promise not to leave until you are completely satisfied. We are happy to take on any request, so call, text, or email us TODAY!


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